Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saipan, you idiot, not Taipei!

Well, our whirlwind jetsetter is at it again. I swear he must be teleported because he seems to move in and out of PPG whenever he needs to, even though Hawaiian Airlines only goes in and out twice a week. Last week I wondered what he was doing clowning around on the Colbert Report when he should have been with the Congressional Insular Subcommittee holding hearings on Guam. But practically before I could get those words written, he's in Pago Pago meeting with the Fono. At that meeting, he at least recognized the CNMI immigration issue might impact American Samoa and would be going to hearings on Saipan this week. Well, it's now this week. I guess he couldn't resist a side trip first because there is a news story out of Taiwan that he met with the Taiwan vice president on Monday. Sometimes I think he forgets he is not secretary of State. So, I suppose he has found a flight out of Taipei that will get him over to Saipan in time for the hearing. We'll see. And he does this even though he is getting so old and fat he is barely able to walk any more. Amazing.

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