Thursday, August 23, 2007

Faleomavaega wars with Insular Panel Chair

Faleomavaega has a history of kamikaze attacks as his approach to governance but his targets are usually Republican. For some reason, though, he seems to have taken on one of his own: Democrat Del. Donna Christiansen from the Virgin Islands. If not at war with her, he at least his demonstrated he either is contemptuous of her or disrespects her. Perhaps it is his well known male chauvinism in action. Consider what he has done since the election that brought his party back into power:

1. He announced publicly that he was offered the chairmanship of the insular subcommittee on Natural Resources but turned it down; Donna Christiansen took it but how does she feel being second choice?

2. He skipped the very first hearing she chaired on oversight of the Interior budget for territories;

3. He skipped the second hearing she chaired on CNMI minimum wage and immigration issues;

4. When she scheduled a third hearing, this time on the Marshall Islands, he scheduled his own hearings a day later as Foreign Affairs Asia-Pacific subcommittee chairman and dropped in on her hearing long enough to deny he was interferring in internal Marshall Islands politics;

5. This month Christiansen held field hearings on Guam and Saipan but Felaeomavaega skipped the Guam hearings (he had business on Taiwan) and only got to Saipan in time for the tail end of the CNMI hearing.

6. After the Saipan hearing, he blindsided his chairman by publicly breaking with her bill on CNMI immigration, issuing a press release and giving her absolutely no forewarning at all.

Dr. Christiansen must be apoplectic by now. You would think she was Eni's sworn enemy. If she isn't now, maybe she will be.

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