Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the perfect storm

Faleomavaega has been kept at bay all these years because all the political pieces have never fallen into place at the same time. When he was first elected to Congress, although Democrats controlled the House, Republicans controlled the White House. When Democrats controlled both branches in his third term, he was still too junior to push through any of his wild ideas, like adding four American Indian seats to the House (who would decide which tribes?). Then he suffered the next six years as a member of the minority in the House, unable to get anything accomplished. But he traveled a lot. Then the next six years, he had to cope with both a Republican Congress and a Republican White House.

Now that Democrats are back in control of Congress and he is senior enough to chair a subcommittee, he already has embroiled himself in controversies with Japan, Indonesia and the Marshall Islands--and it's only the first half of the year!!! Fortunately, the Bush administration is still there to keep him in check. But it is frightening to think how he will run wild if Democrats retain Congress next year and recapture the White House. He will be like a kid in a candy store. The only way to prevent the Perfect Storm from coming together is to defeat him for re-election. And that's a lot cheaper than trying to take back Congress and hold the White House. Send money today!

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