Friday, January 18, 2008

Falomavaega on Mideast junket

Those of us who have followed Faleomavaega's bizarre 20-year career have come to learn that the longer and more convoluted a press release, the more he is trying to defend an indefensible position by preemption. You are encouraged to go to his House website to read his full explanation of why he was running around Israel when two of the most important members of the U.S. House of Representatives (where he works--in case you forgot) were in Pago Pago.

His press officer must have had trouble suppressing a smirk writing this one, in which he has our roving delegate claiming he missed the opportunity of showing the House majority leader first hand what the territory's unmet needs are because he needed to be traveling with a bunch of Pacific Island ambassadors "to discuss ways to advance the relationship between Israel and Pacific Island nations" says the press release.

The biggest joke,of course, is that he says this junket was at the behest of Hoyer. Among other things, he addressed the group, which was billed as an "educational exchange" and looked at some desalinization projects. Please note that he was the ONLY member of Congress on this delegation. Everyone else was a Pacific Island Country ambassador to the U.N.! Last time I looked, "international tour guide" is not listed in the job description for congressmen.

What in God's name does he take the voters for? Look hard and long and read slowly and closely. If anyone can find a shred of benefit or potential benefit to American Samoa from this pure junket, please post a response to this blog.

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