Thursday, January 24, 2008

Faleomavaega AWOL again

Most people understand that even when Congress is out of session, only the House floor is dark. The routine business of Congress goes on unabated: hearings, meetings, negotiations, constituent work, fact finding travel and all the rest. This week was no exception (the House comes back into session next week).

The big news in the morning papers today was the completion of negotiations between Congress and the Executive Branch yesterday on a federal stimulus package to counteract the country's economic slowdown. Most House members were in town to make their views known.

At the same time, this morning's Samoa News carried a photo and story about Faleomavaega giving a talk to a local third grade class yesterday. If he had to be away from Washington, at least he was home. If there is little or nothing in the package for American Samoa, you will not hear a peep out of him and not from the sad sack local media either. If American Samoa does benefit, you can bet there will be a press release, carried in full in the local papers, even if he was 10,000 miles away when it was negotiated and had not a thing to do with it. Life goes on.

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