Sunday, April 20, 2008

Faleomavaega Running Scared

Want some evidence Faleomavaega is running scared in his bid for re-election this fall? This week was Flag Day, the most important secular holiday on American Samoa's calender. Despite the fact that Congress was in session--with many bills of great importance to the territory pending--he spent the full week at home campaigning. Not only did he miss Congress in session, he skipped the Pope's visit to Washington and the White House visit of the first Samoan Division 1A football head coach. His involvement with the Pope may have been marginal, but he surely would have been at the White House for the historic visit of Navy's head coach. Moreover, as chairman of the Asia-Pacific subcommittee of the House Foreign Affair Committee, he has jurisdiction over U.S.-Korea relations but he also skipped the visit to Washington of South Korea's president. That omission is particularly significant since he has scheduled hearings on U.S.-South Korea relations for this week coming up.

Why skip all these seemingly important events? Because he knows the voters don't care about any of it and he has two challengers hoping to unseat him this November.

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