Saturday, February 9, 2008

Faleomavaega on Insane Travel Marathon

Wow. Faleomavaega flew back to Washington from New Zealand (did he wave at American Samoa as he flew by?) last week in just enough time for the new president of the Federated States of Micronesia to pay a courtesy call on him. Sources tell us that he could hardly keep awake during the meeting and was barely able to walk. Moreover, we learned that not long afterwards he was scheduled to travel to Colombia. What is he going to do there? Shake his fist at the tuna factories or head into the jungles to march shoulder to shoulder with rebel groups, as he is wont to do in West Papua? Fortunately, American Samoa and the other territories remained part of the stimulus package, even though it had to move to final passage ast week without his watchful eye. Luckily, the ignorant comments of a Republican Florida congresswoman, who described territorial residents as foreigners, did not derail the bill. It will be recalled that on a previous occasion when Faleomavaega again was traveling, his own leadership mandated a disastrous minimum wage hike for the territory in reaction to comments made by yet another southern Republican congressman. We have not seen a press release on the Colombia trip but would not be surprised to see him describe himself as being "on assignment." Interesting. No one ever says just who exactly is doing this assigning, what the actual assignment is, who he makes a report to or what is supposed to be the resulting action. Congress doesn't work that way.


Unknown said...

Great Poll you've got.
Afimutasi 0 (0%)
Aumua 0 (0%)
Fagafaga 0 (0%)
Muavaefa'atasi 0 (0%)

Besides throwing bricks around inside, I'm going to be kind and say "your" glasshouse. Have you suggested the alternative policies you are proposing?

And if not, is this site just a whinge because you don't like the Congressman?

Anonymous said...

Andrew needs to read the stated purpose of this blog: to see Faleomavaega's career end. There is no need to offer alternative policies because he has proposed no policies. If he offered something, then we could suggest alternatives. He has introduced little legislation over his almost 20 year tenure and only one measure has passed: a bill allowing him to win multicandidate elections by a plurality--which worked last time just as he intended it. There is no question that if a fringe candidate from the principal opponent's own village had not entered the contest, he would have been defeated. In short, Faleomavaega has barely left a footprint in Washington and his seniority has been good for little more than a nicer office every two years.

Philip said...

First, it seems a little far-fetched to categorize the Florida congresswoman's statements as ignorant as they relate to American Samoa. American Samoan nationals are foreign citizens under the INA. However, her comments as they relate to Puerto Rico were ill-conceived.

Although I may personally benefit from AmSam's inclusion in the economic stimulus package, it does seem odd that American Samoa would receive federal tax rebates even though we are not paying federal tax. Why are we owed a rebate for something we didn't purchase in the first place?

The fact that we are included in the bill shows somebody was lobbying on American Samoa's behalf.

Thanks for letting us know about the latest vacation for Eni.